The Awning range of home elevators from Trezors is highly customizable and scalable. Uniquely Created for installation in homes. These lifts are very much energy efficient and can run on a single phase connection.
The aesthetics and intricate charm of these lifts add to aesthetics of all homes. They are very easy in functionality and helpful in maintaining them. It has great value addition, embodying both the elegance and the high end technology.
Standard Features:-

  • Capacity - 230 Kgs (Up to 3 Persons)
  • Speed - 0.35 mps
  • Maximum Stops - 3
  • Shaft Size - 1550W * 1500D
  • Car Size - 580*1100D*2050 H
  • Min. OH - 2900mm And Min. Pit. - 800MM
  • Rope System with L-shaped Car frame
  • Machine room less, VVVF Drive
  • Installed with gearless machines, with closed loop system
  • Option for swing door
  • High quality mechanical components
  • Custom made cabin and interior
  • Free job site survey and expert consultancy