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India's Best Passenger Lift Manufacturer.

The Trezor is India's best Passenger lift manufacturer ,automatic passenger elevators have revolutionized the way vertical transportation has taken shape in modern times. It offers seamless comfortable, elegant, quick and secure mode for vertical transport at high rise buildings. Our elevators are an excellent blend of the state-of-the-art elevator technology mixed up with aesthetic appeal entirely focusing on safety without any disturbance to free motion of passengers. The Trezor elevators offer an entire range of passenger capacities, speed and an array of functional features and interiors layouts to choose from.
Standard Features:-

  • Down Collective Control
  • Vvvf Drive For Door Operation
  • Emergency Light
  • Self Diagnosis Of Breakdown
  • Overspeed Protection Device
  • Automatic Leveling With Ground Floor On Power Restoration
  • Floor Position And Direction Indicator In Car And Landings
  • Terminal Approach Slowdown For Safety
  • Final Limit Protection
  • Parking System
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Vvvf Drive For Controller
  • Home Landing
  • Full Curtain Infrared Door Safety