Trezor's Alexander freight elevators are the best example of efficient engineering for vertical transport in industrial setup. It is built of the State-of-the-art components and technology to enjoy the load handling capacity in an enhanced manner. It is too customizable to the needs and freight of different industries. Alexander Freight Elevator can withstand the daily toils of vertical transportation of heavy loads with simplicity and ease.
Standard Features:-

  •  Down Collective control
  • VVVF Drive
  • Emergency Light
  • Self diagnosis of breakdown
  • Automatic leveling with ground floor on power restoration
  • Floor position and direction indicator in car and landings
  • Terminal approach slow down for safety
  •  Final limit protection
  • Lift out of order display
  • Attend operation for non stop destination landing
  •  Direction change function in attend mode
  • Emergency alarm
  • Door Open Announcement system
  • Intercom Facility
  • Home Landing

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